Building ads with or without inhouse designers


Clipcentric’s full or self-service models support publishers no matter how they’re resourced

Ramping up high-impact ad offerings is a surefire way to increase CPMs and give your advertisers higher-performing units. Clipcentric’s flexible creative production platform makes it easy for publishers who have their own designers to build these units, in-house, using top-notch technology. But Clipcentric also has its own team of ad designers and builders that can create ads for your clients.

These two models, full-service and self-service, give our clients options based on how they’re resourced. For a better understanding of each approach, watch this clip from a recent Rob Beeler discussion and hear our Director of Client Services, Shawn Pokorny, talk about how we support self-service clients like Red Ventures, whose in-house designers use Clipcentric’s tool to build ads, and full-service clients like PGA Tour who submit creatives to Clipcentric’s own staff who builds and produces tags.

Want to watch the entire conversation?

A full, 40-minute recording is available for members of the (free) Beeler.Tech publisher-only online community. Watch it there, or contact us for a link to the full video.

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